I’m writing again, but not as Amelia James. I’m writing apocalyptic romance as AJ Sinclair. I want to destroy the world–in fiction–to explore how love lives on when there’s nothing left to live for. You can find me on Facebook and at my new website.

AJ’s first book, an apocalyptic reverse harem romance, In Her Company – Death’s Relentless Dance, Book1, will be released Spring 2018.

Amelia James has two new short stories coming out in Crave Publishing’s Craving Anthologies. The first is Christmas Under Pressure in Craving Christmas. More Dash and Simone! Yay! Craving Christmas released11/28.

Always Bitterweed will appear in Craving Country. I believe that comes out in January.

So Amelia James will take a break while AJ Sinclair wreaks havoc. Amelia may come back when I need a diversion from all AJ’s death and destruction.

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