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A new pen name – AJ Sinclair

I’m writing again, but not as Amelia James. I’m writing apocalyptic romance as AJ Sinclair. I want to destroy the world–in fiction–to explore how love lives on when there’s nothing left to live for. You can find me on Facebook and at my new website.

AJ’s first book, an apocalyptic reverse harem romance, In Her Company – Death’s Relentless Dance, Book1, will be released Spring 2018.

Amelia James has two new short stories coming out in Crave Publishing’s Craving Anthologies. The first is Christmas Under Pressure in Craving Christmas. More Dash and Simone! Yay! Craving Christmas released11/28.

Always Bitterweed will appear in Craving Country. I believe that comes out in January.

So Amelia James will take a break while AJ Sinclair wreaks havoc. Amelia may come back when I need a diversion from all AJ’s death and destruction.

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Trashy’s ‘Destined’ for Big Things in 2015

Evolved Publishing highlighted three of their authors today, including me, in a post that discusses their past, present and future in the publishing industry.

The trashy romance collection

The trashy romance collection

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Why I’m no longer self-published #MondayBlogs

I’ve been with a small press for a couple of years now, but my posts about why I chose to self-published and why I was happy with it still get a lot of hits, so I thought I should write an update. Let me explain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Publishing is pain no matter how you do it.

Why I loved self-publishing

  1. Freedom. Everything was under my control. I was my own boss.
  2. I didn’t have to work with an editor. No one could change my words or tell me I was doing something wrong.
  3. I could promote however I wanted.

Why I left self-publishing

  1. Everything was under my control. And I mean everything. Sure, I could write whatever I wanted and release it whenever I wanted, but I never considered the business side of publishing. And as hard as I tried, I’m just not an entrepreneur. Since I’ve been with my publisher my books have been released as paperbacks, audio books, and French translations done by someone who speaks the language, not a computer algorithm. I’m an international bestseller. I couldn’t do that as a self-publisher.
  2. I needed to work with an editor. I have an English degree and a pretty good understanding of grammar, but there’s so much more to the craft of writing than putting words on paper and checking for typos. My editor wasn’t just a proofreader. She taught me how to bring my writing to life. She edited for content, making sure my story worked and my characters were consistent. She made me a better writer. Everyone needs an editor. And unless you’re a graphic artist who understands cover design concepts, everyone needs a cover artist too.
  3. I promoted however I wanted—and I made all the bad author mistakes: spamming links on Twitter and posting only about my books. It wasn’t until after I signed with a publisher that I learned about branding and content marketing. I probably would’ve figured that on my own, eventually, but I now benefit from sharing my publisher’s quality reputation. I doubt I would’ve achieved that alone, especially without an editor and an artist.

I’m not saying signing with a publisher is right for everyone, but unless you’re willing to go into business for yourself, you may want to stay out of self-publishing. I still have to deal with some business issues and promotion, but being with a publisher allows me to focus on my writing. And that’s where my real freedom is.


Yes, yes they are. 😉

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Tell Me You Want Me 2nd edition release today!

Evolved Publishing is re-releasing my first erotic romance novel with a new cover and new scenes. Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

“Amelia James knows how to get our desires going in this very sensuous book. The locales, the build ups, the lovemaking, the pillow talk are very well crafted in her prose. Amelia James has the ability to become the next great romance Author, rivaling the best.” – Glen Cantrell

Why should you read it? Here are Trashy’s Top 5 reasons:

5. If you read it and loved it, I added even more of Austin and Jack. Can’t get enough of those boys. 😉

4. If you read it and didn’t like it, I added more depth to Austin—gave him a better reason to resist falling in love. (Poor guy.)

3. If you haven’t read it, Tell Me You Want Me is a flirty, fun, sizzly sexy romance with melt-your-face sex scenes.

2. See reason #3.

1. Evolved Publishing produces high-quality books from talented authors. My editors did an amazing job helping me make Tell Me shine!

New excerpt:

“Did you get lucky this weekend? Got another girl waiting for next weekend?”

He practically heard his father salivating over the phone. “I….” No way in hell was he going to tell his dad he’d turned down an easy lay. “I had a date Friday night, and I’ll probably see her again soon.”

“The same girl?”


“Wow, she must be a hot piece of ass.”

“Don’t call her that, Dad.” Janie wasn’t just a piece of ass. Damn it, why not?

“Keep your options open, son, on and off the field.”

“Yeah, sure.” The idea didn’t appeal to him like it used to.

“I expect a great game out of you on Saturday. Scouts could be watching you.”

“I always play my best, no matter who’s watching.”

“Good. See you next week.”

Austin ended the call and chucked his phone at the couch.

“The usual conversation, huh?” Jack handed him a beer.

“Said he’s coming to the game next weekend.”

“Oh joy.”

“You know he won’t make it.”

“I’ll take that bet.”

Austin sneered and turned his attention to the game, but talking to his dad had sucked all the fun out of it.

“Why didn’t you tell him about your early night with Jane?”

“Are you crazy? You know my dad. If I told him I’d called it a night, he’d… wow… he’d freak.”

“That would be fun to watch.”

Austin laughed. “Yeah. No.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to find out. I have enough crazy in my head. I don’t need him coaching my bedroom sports too.”

“Doesn’t he already?”

He couldn’t argue with that. “Not with Janie. I’m not gonna let him call this play.”

“The ball is in your hands. Are you gonna hand it off or keep it and test the defense?”

Austin downed his beer and glared at Jack. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means.”


He knew Jack was right. Hand her off to someone else, or hang on and hope he didn’t get sacked again?


Buy links:



Coming soon to B&N and iTunes!

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5 Ways to show your favorite author some love

#4 Stalk them. Wait… what?

In a good way. 😉

For more tips jump over to my publisher’s blog where author Kimberly Kinrade shares easy ways you can help your favorite authors (including me) stay in the book writing business.

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Evolved Publishing 3-day Amazon Sale!

Starting today through Thursday, May 24, 12 titles from Evolved Publishing authors are marked down to $2.99 or less.

Check out these great books:

Circles by Ruby Standing Deer – Native American historical novel

Forgive Me Alex by Lane Diamond – Psychological suspense thriller

Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer – YA paranormal fantasy

Honey the Hero by Emlyn Chand – Children’s picture book

Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade – YA paranormal fantasy/romance

Euology by D.T. Conklin – Epic fantasy/horror

And more! There’s something for everyone. This sale is only through Thursday, 5/24/12, and only at Get them while they’re hot.

And next month look for my new release, Her Twisted Pleasures, and the re-release of Tell Me You Want Me both from Evolved Publishing!

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Why I chose Evolved Publishing

When I decided I wanted an indie publisher, I started researching. I built a short list to submit to, but none were perfect. Some weren’t visible enough. Since my main reason for going with a publisher was getting help with marketing, I avoided the ones I heard little about. Another was highly visible but only interested in happy endings. Call me cynical, but happy endings aren’t always realistic—or all that interesting.

I asked for recommendations, explaining what I was looking for: editing expertise, awesome cover design, and marketing support. An author friend told me about Evolved Publishing. I looked at their website, and I liked their philosophy: a team of authors, editors, and artists working together to build each other’s success. From day one, I believed authors—whether self, indie, or traditionally published—are not competitors. We are a community. Evolved was exactly the type of publisher I wanted.

I read their guidelines, and the first thing I noticed was their commitment to high editorial standards. Eeek! Intimidating, but did I want to be published by someone who didn’t have high expectations for quality? No. I prepared my submission and waited patiently. Hahaha…yeah I don’t believe that either. The day I got their reply, I was in a bad mood, burnt out on the whole writing business. I didn’t want to read the email, afraid it was another rejection, but I held my breath and clicked. They said good things about my writing, and they wanted to talk more. Okay, breathe. I was nervous but confident, and the meeting went better than expected.

As we talked, two things stood out to me: quality matters and team matters. Everyone at Evolved Publishing—authors, artists, and editors—works together to create and promote the best quality ebooks on the market. And they wanted me to join their team. My decision was easy. Evolved Publishing is the right publisher for me.

Self-publishing was a game I couldn’t win. I played hard, but standing alone on a vast and crowded field, my goal looked impossible to reach on my own. Now I’m part of a team. Our goal is in sight, and the scoreboard is lit up in our favor. This is a game we can win.

Just picture me in a Green Bay Packers jersey (52!) wearing a cheesehead. Go team!


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