Capturing Insight

by Ben A. Sharpton



The hallucinations won’t stop. They come without warning and with

enough punch to bring a grown man to his knees…


Scott Moore experienced these so-called hallucinations since

he was a teenager – blurry visions of others in exciting and frightening situations.

Except, they aren’t hallucinations at all. What he sees are actual

events those around him have or will experience. Dr. Paul

Blackwell claims he can help Scott control them with medicine and

teach him how to influence the outcomes to help others.


But something doesn’t feel right about the good doctors motives…


Gifts can bring amazing challenges, and Scott discovers thrilling

opportunities to find lost people, protect immigrants, and even

prevent death. But when he “reads” Dr. Blackwell, Scott learns the

doctor had ulterior motives. He’s willing to use Scott’s for blackmail

and insider stock trader information, and he will stop at nothing-even

murder-to harness Scott’s gift of 2nd sight.


The future isn’t as certain as Scott thinks, and Dr. Blackwell has his

own plans for his gifted patient…


Can Scott manage to use his gift to manage his own future, or will Dr.

Blackwell finally succeed in capturing his insight for himself?



Ben A. Sharpton

“Tell stories.” It’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Stories inspire people to grow and expand their horizons. They entertain. They challenge. They comfort. Simply put, they make life much better.

I’ve been telling stories all my life. When I worked with youth years ago, I told stories that helped them understand, learn and develop. Later, as a corporate training manager I used stories to demonstrate examples, to encourage better business practices and to stimulate learning. As an online college professor I found stories to be instrumental in challenging people to think and comprehend.

Today I continue to tell stories. You’ll find them in my nonfiction curriculum books and all of my award-winning novels. My hope is you’ll enjoy my stories and share them with your friends.

Then, tell your own stories. It’s a great piece of advice.

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