This past year has been a difficult one for a lot of people, but for me, it wasn’t too bad. I signed with a new publisher in February, and they released the first book in my new contemporary romance series in July. I finished writing the second book in October, and started developing a dystopian romance series I plan to write after I finish book 3. I’m also working on a short story to release in the next month or so.

The year was full of personal ups and downs. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in May and had a hysterectomy in June. But I’m feeling much better now. We built a beautiful new house and moved in just before Halloween. Next spring we plan to bring a dog into our home.

The New Year brings a measure of uncertainty. My daughter will be going to a new school so my schedule is going to change. I’ll adapt eventually, but it’ll take some time. But I have books to write and good books to read, so if the need for escape arises, I’m all set.

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