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The Problem with Fifty Shades and other Sex Movies – NSFW

I wrote this when the first Shade movie came out, but it still applies today.

Simply put: not enough full-frontal male nudity. (Hey, I’m Trashy. What did you expect?) When I asked my friend Paula if there was a lot of naked in the movie, her answer indicated the R rating was mostly one-sided. “Gah….so frustrating! Saw a flash of his penis in one scene, but a lot of his backside. Every nude scene of her was a totally naked scene, even showing her pubic hair.”

Update: Does Fifty Shades Darker go where few movie men have gone before?

How disappointing is that? Nudity in movies and TV should be equal opportunity for all. Women have been stripping for the camera for years. Why can’t men do the same? It’s unfair to female movie goers that we don’t get to see as many balls onscreen as men get to see boobs.

wheres-the-beefThat’s what I’d like to know.

What good are R ratings with warnings about graphic nudity and strong sexual content if only half the audience is satisfied? And don’t even get me started with misleading titles like The Full Monty. Magic Mike? Plenty of bare ass but no joystick. We can only hope Magic Mike XXL will have the balls to blaze new ground for male naked.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMulcnyxzxQ]

Maybe if we boycott sex movies like this writer Hollywood will pay attention and give male nudity fair representation. In the meantime, enjoy this man butt gallery.

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Chris Hemsworth, Rush

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

The Full Monty

The Full Monty

Disclaimer: this post was written in the tongue-in-cheek font. If you know of any movies with full-frontal male nudity, post the title in the comments. I need to do more research. 😉

Special thanks to the ladies of Trashy’s Happy Place for helping me with this post.

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Trashy’s Top Ten Sexy Halloween Costumes

There are only 31 shopping days until Halloween, so I decided to make this helpful list of my favorite costumes to make your party planning easier. You can thank me later. 😉

1. Hottie Scottie – no, it does not come with boxers, boxer briefs, or tighty-whities.

Hot scot

What? You were expecting women’s costumes? Oh hell no. I’m Trashy. I’m all about the men!

2. Badass Biker – 50 Shades of… nope. Not going there.


3. Fireman – I may be motivated to commit arson.


4. Cop – I hope he does strip searches.


5. Top Gun flight suit – do Maverick and Iceman come with this?

Top Gun

6.Spartan – put Gerard Butler in that and I’m good to go.


7. Tight End – ’nuff said.

tight end

8. Camo – and then reenact Magic Mike.


9. Boxer – Everlast. Heh. 😉


Now I just gotta find a guy who looks like that in it. 😉

And one for the boys.

10. Princess Leia – my husband’s fave since 8th grade.

princess leiaHappy shopping!

Disclaimer: I found all of these costume pictures at BuyCostumes.com. I am not an affiliate, and I am not advertising for them. I just wanted to credit the source.

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