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Excerpt: No Pants Required

Two weeks until release! And the cover reveal is this weekend. Eeeek! I can’t wait that long, so here’s a little taste of how Bree likes her coffee.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee filtered into the bedroom, and a salty breeze fluttered the curtains. Cool cotton caressed Wyatt’s skin as he stretched and closed his eyes. Weird dreams had plagued his sleep, a collection of random images and sensations that made little sense. Only one clear picture lingered—Bree gasping under him, her breasts bouncing while he pounded her, and her long hair fanned across the rug. Odd. She’d taken her wig off during her striptease.

A cold, wet nose touched his ribs and an enthusiastic tail pounded the bedside.

“Is she here?”

Spencer barked soundlessly and ran to the living room. Wyatt sat up and snapped his processors on. He found his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, but his jeans eluded him. An insistent knock rattled the front door.

“I’m coming!” He tossed the bedsheets aside, checked the hamper, then circled the room again. “Where are my damn pants?”

“Wyatt, are you up?” Bree’s voice carried over her ceaseless knocking.

Yes, I am. His cock hardened, stretching toward his navel as he pulled his t-shirt down over his balls. “Hold on!”

Spencer ran back into the bedroom and nudged Wyatt toward the front door.

“I know. I’m getting there.” The crisp morning air fondled his exposed butt as he flipped the deadbolts and yanked the door open.

Bree’s lips made a little O as her gaze traveled down his chest to the well-defined bulge under his tightly stretched t-shirt. “Well, hello there. I’m glad someone’s happy to see me.”

“I’m not thrilled, especially after the way you left yesterday.” Wyatt’s heart pounded, sending blood rushing to the spot that really didn’t need any more. He tugged the shirt down farther as he stepped back to let her in. “Oh, you mean that thing. I need coffee.” He scurried to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest mug he could find. “Want some?” His shirt sprang up when he released it to pour the coffee, exposing his semi-hard cock.

“Of that? Wrapped up in a Christmas bow, yes sir.”

Wyatt rolled his eyes. “I give up.” She’s already seen me naked. He handed her the mug then reached up to pull another one from the cabinet, letting her ogle his ass while he did so.

A deep sigh escaped her. “Not that I’m complaining, but why are you serving me coffee with your stir stick on display?”

“I always get dressed shirt first. Why be normal?” The carefree lie took hold and he leaned back against the counter to drink his coffee, fully aware of Bree licking her lips while his shirt rode up his abs.

“Different is good.”

Coming April 25th!

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NSFW Excerpt – Hot and Damp

WilfireHurricane_BN“Maybe we’ll get another chance.”

Simone stood, pulling her head out of fantasy land. “Is that what we want?” She spotted the coffee maker sitting on a counter next to an old filing cabinet, and she topped off her cup.

Dash followed her. “Hell yeah. I wish I’d done it to you back in high school.”

She allowed the daydream train to idle at the ‘what if’ station. “Why didn’t you?”

“Guys are selfish pricks at that age. We love pussy, but we’re also a little afraid of it. Sticking your dick in a girl is one thing, but your face is entirely different.”

She hid a laugh in her cup. “No, I mean…” Do we want us again? She couldn’t ask him that question. Not yet.

“I know what you mean.” A lingering brush on her shoulder accompanied his soft tone. “We can’t… I don’t want to hurt–”

“Just stop.” If he said again, she’d kick him in the balls.

“Anymore.” He ran his hand through his wild hair as he paced across the room.

The urge to beat him fled, replaced by an overpowering need to hold him. But for his comfort or for hers?  “Neither do I.”

He circled back toward her, unwavering as if drawn by a powerful magnet. “But I can’t stay away from you.” His hands landed on her shoulders, stroking down her arms in an urgent caress.

She set down her coffee cup and matched his grasp, holding him with equal fervor.

“Every time we’ve been together, we’ve fucked each other like horny teenagers.” He leaned in and his hot words tickled her neck, sending a shivery thrill straight to her thighs.

“Not my fault.”

He stepped back and his gaze swept her body. “And standing here looking at you this morning…” He gnawed his lips and stared up at the ceiling as if gathering his thoughts, searching for the right words.

Oh shit. Does he still love me?

Dash fixed his gaze on her breasts. “I gotta know if that’s the shirt you slept in last night.”

Um…unexpected. “No.”

“Damn it.” He stole a sideways peek at her ass. “Are you wearing underwear?”

“Would you like to find out?”

He nodded like a bobble-head doll.

Predictable. She slowly pulled them hem of her shirt up, exposing her bare skin. His eyes twinkled as he trailed his fingers over her stomach. She swatted his hand away like an irritating fly.


She grabbed her coffee and marched across the room. “You think I’m going to let you paw around after what you did last night?”

He charged after her. “What I did? Woman, you started it!” He tripped over his feet and frowned. “I think.”

She slammed the cup down on her desk then whirled and pointed in his face. “No, I stopped it!”

Their shouts echoed around the room as they argued on top of each other.

“Exactly! You can’t leave a man like that.”

“You in your tight t-shirt, all hot and damp.”

“That’s not the point! I know you liked it.”

She gasped and shoved him.

A triumphant sneer curled his lip. “Who’s hot and damp now?”

“Me.” She grabbed his collar with both hands, and he tumbled into her as she jerked him against the desk. Their bodies kissed first, then their lips found each other.

He braced his arms around her. “You definitely started this.”

“Shut up.” She planted her mouth on his and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt while he pushed her jacket off her shoulders. Coffee splashed on the desk and its heady aroma teased Simone’s senses while Dash wrestled with his belt buckle and unzipped his pants.

“Like horny teenagers?” She gasped in his ear as his hands slid inside the back of her jeans and under her panties to cup her bare ass.

“Uh-huh. Just like old times.” He winked. “But with new skills.” He pointed his tongue and dragged it across her bottom lip.

Oh hell yes! Her knees buckled, but his possessive grip on her butt kept her body tight against him. All her professional intentions disappeared as Dash nipped at her neck. Her nipples pebbled, straining against her bra and begging for that talented tongue.

“Is this how you two resolve workplace conflict?”

Coming July 5th! Now available for preorder.

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#CoverReveal – Smoking Gunn – A Trashy Quickie

The cover for my upcoming trashy short story is here! Mallory Rock made this awesome thing. I hope you love it as much as I do. It’ll be available exclusively on Amazon for just 99 cents or FREE through Kindle Unlimited. Coming May 25!

Max Gunn lives a trouble-making, hell raising, rock star life—no good for any woman—and he’s okay with that. He’s been in love before, but never for long, until stripper goddess Blaze grabs a hold of his wayward heart, and he can’t shake it off. Can he do something crazy and have more than a fling with her? Or has he done too much damage already?

Check out the steamy excerpt below.

smokinggunn3Dtransparent“Do I need to spank this guy?” The door swung open and Destiny poked her head in.

I pressed my lips together and waited for Blaze to speak. One wrong word from her and I’d be out on my ass.

Blaze pasted a smile on her lips. “We’re just talking, Des. Thanks.”

Destiny nodded but she stood in the doorway and kept a wary eye on me.

My presence anywhere caused a stir, but I’d never cost anyone money before. “I’m sorry, baby. I had no idea.”

“I’m sure you didn’t.”

My stomach tied itself in knots knowing that I’d caused her pain already. I never wanted to hurt anyone—especially her—but I always managed to do it somehow. “How can I make it up to you?” Turn around and walk out now.


At least we agreed on something. But the growing urge in my pants refused to leave unsatisfied. “I could, but you still owe me a lap dance.”

“You’re not getting a lap dance.”

“All right, fuck me instead.”

Destiny giggled and Blaze rolled her eyes at the woman. Then she turned on me with fire in her eyes and a dangerous smile on her lips. “Do you know who I am?”


“I’m Blaze. I’m so hot my ex-husband named this club for me, and the judge said I could keep it when he left. I’m the most wanted woman in this whole damn city. I could fuck any guy I want—”

“Any girl too.” Destiny coughed and flashed an innocent smile.

“That’s right.” Blaze lifted her foot and placed her six-inch heel on the bench. “Why should I let you have my in-demand pussy?”

That’s when I understood why my rock star status got me laid. “Because you are every man’s fantasy, and I’d be a fool to let this opportunity slip away from me.”

Blaze cocked her head toward Destiny. “Are you buying this?”

“I’d sample his goods.” Her sexy brown eyes focused on my crotch. “Nice package.”

Blaze looked too. “Can’t argue with that.” A tiny spark escaped her eyes before the indifferent mask fell into place. “If she says it’s okay, it’s okay with me.”

Destiny glanced past me with a raised eyebrow, and from the corner of my eye, I caught Blaze giving her a hand signal. Destiny smiled. “I’ll guard the door.”

Blaze gasped, trying to appear surprised. Her acting needed serious direction.

“Thanks, baby.” I winked and Destiny blew me a kiss. When the door clicked shut behind me, I turned to Blaze and stalked her. “Take off your clothes.”

She backed up a step toward the bathroom, but then pure blazing lust flickered in her eyes, and she stopped and stood her ground in those come-fuck-me shoes. “Oh hell no. You’re in my house. You obey my rules.”

 Coming May 25!



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Intelligent Smut – An excerpt from INHALE by Kendall Grey

I scored a steamy excerpt from INHALE, the first book of Kendall Grey’s amazing urban fantasy romance trilogy, Just Breathe. Enjoy!

INHALE_cover_large_medium_resolutionShe looked up and sighed. “You.”

A soft wind brought a whiff of flowers to his nose. His nostrils widened to catch more of her scent.

Gathering his wits, he stepped closer. “I came to apologize.” He circled her once as he spoke, but she didn’t track his movement. “I’m sorry about how I acted the other night.” He stopped in front of her and dropped into a crouch. “I can be a right bastard sometimes.”

She peered around him at the ocean.

He planted his arse next to her. The warm thrum of her heady call stirred his guts. He swallowed hard and pushed as close to her as he thought he could get away with, leaving a hand’s breadth between them. Toes half-buried in the cool sand, he rested his elbows on bent knees.

She turned to him. Lids blinked in slow motion, lips parted with subtle invitation. The corners of her mouth turned up, and her eyes narrowed on his, brighter than diamonds. The crow’s feet lining them deepened with her smile. She grasped his shoulder and pressed her lips to his without warning.


The kiss slapped him silly, but sparked hunger drove his confusion away. A gentle urgency radiated from the softness of her mouth and into his. Her song kicked up, the connection intensified, and he got so lost in her lips, he’d need a map to find his way back.

She caressed his face with one hand, clutched his shoulder with the other. “When I wake up tomorrow, you’ll be gone. That’s why this is safe,” she mumbled against his mouth.

True, but not for the reasons she thought. As long as she believed he was just a dream, she should be pretty safe from the Fyres in Realis. But if she found out the truth and started looking for him—

She caught his lips with another kiss, this one deeper, like the ocean in summer, warm and filling. He should break away before she lured him all the way through the trapdoor.

He pulled back. “You’re right. I am a dream. But we can’t get…involved, you and me.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Of course we can.” She licked her lips. A hand landed on his cock and stroked it through his cargo shorts.

Instant hard-on.

Fucking hell.

He had no idea what his body was doing or why, but it felt damn good. His breath rushed in short bursts. Glancing up to the sky, he sent his Dreamsense on a search for Fyre Elementals while his lips went on a quest of their own.

Greedy for more of the hum, he pushed her head to the side with his nose and nuzzled her neck, drinking the luscious sound emanating through her throat. Vibrations swam into him, drowning him like an undertow.

But this desire was nothing like the burn he’d felt with the girl at Mike’s the other night. This was Water-driven passion, emotional and deep. It shook him from the inside out.

And he was only dreaming. What would it be like to have this woman in Realis?

Had to stop thinking about—

The muse’s hands moved to his chest and pushed him down. On his back with lips held captive by hers, he cupped her cheek. The sand eased outward under their combined weight.

He ran his fingers from the base of her spine up to her neck, then tangled them in her hair. Goddamn, she was beautiful.

Dreamsense. Where had it run off to? He closed his eyes and tried to focus. “We really shouldn’t—”

The muse straddled him. She dipped her tongue into his mouth with calculated softness. Her lips drove him to an aching crescendo. His rock-hard cock throbbed against her pelvis, a fast-dying sense of decency the only thing keeping him from thrusting into her.

She stroked his erection. “You’re so hard.” The whisper floated across his teeth, and lips came for him again.

Jesus Christ. Working him up and down through his cargo shorts, her hand coaxed him toward ecstasy, her aura blazing bright blue. He sensed Water dancing under her skin like a bubbling spring. He wanted to lap up every last drop.

Fuck the Fyre Elementals.

INHALE, an urban fantasy romance by Kendall Grey, is now available in paperback and e-book for Kindle (MOBI) and Nook (EPUB).

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Quickie Excerpt – Consuming Him

The following is an excerpt from a new erotic short story, Consuming Him, I’m releasing on Halloween. I wrote this story a couple of years ago when I was feeling dark and dramatic. That’s when I discovered how much dark turns me on. 😉 I hope you enjoy it.

He kicked through the door from the adjacent bedroom. I screamed and shoved the chair across the floor, tripping him. My fingers faltered on the lock, and he crushed me against the door.

“Why can’t I escape you?” His breath was hot in my ear. He pinned me to the door with his body, ripping buttons off my shirt. He groaned and pulled my hard nipples. His rough touch should’ve frightened me, but my body begged for more.

I stopped fighting him—I don’t know why. He pulled up my skirt, shoved my thong aside, and jammed his fingers deep inside my pussy. I let him do it. I let him stroke me and make me moan. I let his dangerous mouth close on my neck, holding me still. I let his fingers molest my clit until I was clinging to the edge, desperate to let go.

But he didn’t let me come.

His fist slammed against the door and he pushed away from me, cursing us both to hell and back.

I spun around and faced him, my body finally hot. If that’s what it took to warm me, I wanted more. My shirt fell open, exposing my bare breast. I didn’t cover up. I knew he couldn’t resist me. He would try, but he would fail.

I wanted something from him—I needed it—but I couldn’t remember what it was. Did he? “Jonathan.” I moved toward him. He stood his ground. “Give me what I need.”

His eyes flinched, he stepped back, and suddenly our roles reversed.

I was no longer afraid.

I wasn’t afraid of the dark. Darkness kept me safe. I wasn’t afraid of the cold. Cold was my companion for a very long time. I wasn’t afraid of him.

He was afraid of me.

Who was I that he would fear me?

Consuming Him, an erotic short story, available here.

Go to Amelia’s Trashy Books page for more romance and erotica titles.

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Excerpt – One Wild Night

“I’ll see that bet,” Lucien flipped several coins in the pot, “and I’ll raise you twenty.”

“I’m out.” Philippe tossed his cards on the table and pushed his chair back. “Good night and good luck, gentlemen.” Turning to Jake, he smiled and said, “You are a worthy opponent, Mr. Marshall.”

“Likewise.” Jake nodded once and Philippe left.

“Are you up to the challenge, American?” Lucien snarled. “Will the ladies be good to you a second time?”

“Always.” Jake winked at Miranda. Her lips puckered in a scandalous kiss. Hell yes, she’ll be so good to me. No doubt about that.

She peeked over Lucien’s shoulder and then fixed her eyes on Jake until she caught his gaze. He’s holding a queen-high straight.

He heard her words in his head as if she’d whispered them in his ear. He shook his head slightly and looked away from her. He must have imagined her voice, but even if it were true, he wouldn’t use that knowledge to cheat.

“I fold.” Jake turned his cards upside down. Josef folded as well.

Lucien scowled at the American. “Coward.”

Jake snarled at him.

Sergi met Lucien’s twenty, then Lucien called it. Lucien won with a queen-high straight—one card lower than Jake’s.

“It looks like I have won the lady this time, American.” Lucien laughed in his face then he spun and seized Miranda’s ankle, yanking her leg over his shoulder and biting her thigh till she bled.

“Brute!” she cried out, and slapped Lucien. She snatched her leg away and dabbed at the blood with her skirt, then tucked the fabric between her knees.

Sergi and Josef laughed at the scene, but Jake’s lip curled. He said nothing and downed the last of his vodka. Lucien will get what’s coming to him… one way or another. He smacked his empty glass down on the table.

Miranda jumped up and poured more vodka, ignoring Lucien’s glare while bringing a full glass to Jake.

“Thank you, gorgeous.” He smiled, caressing her fingers as he took it from her.

My pleasure. She didn’t say the words, but he heard them just the same.

Can’t be. He shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. Tales of gypsy spells and curses were told all over this part of the county, but he dismissed them as stories told to frighten misbehaving children. Maybe she had enchanted him. Might not be such a bad thing. He picked up his fuzzy glass and frowned at it. Last one.

Miranda shot a nasty glare at Lucien as she passed him. “You haven’t won anything,” she hissed. Her skirts swirled around her hips as she turned and took a seat on the wine barrels.

Lucien growled and muttered a curse in a language foreign to Jake’s ears. “Deal the cards,” he snapped at Josef.

Josef dealt and Jake swore he was hearing things again. He looked into Miranda’s eyes and heard three jacks in his head. When the bets were called, Lucien was holding three jacks. But Jake’s four tens beat it.

Don’t look at her. Don’t listen. Jake picked up his cards. There would be plenty of time to look—and touch—after the game.

Jake won the next hand without hearing any voices. He looked at Miranda and smiled and when she smiled back at him, he saw images of lifted skirts and parted thighs. Her Merlot lips and his unbuckled belt. Sweating, groaning. Scattered cards and splashing vodka. The poker table shaking and creaking under their tangled naked bodies. “Jesus, Mary and—!” Jake jumped in his seat.

The poker players stared at him like he was a few cards short of a full deck.

“‘Scuse me, fellas.” He straightened his chair and heard someone mumble something about crazy Americans. Where had those pictures come from? He looked at Miranda but her poker face rivaled his.

No more vodka. He shook his head, refusing the next glass she offered him. “I’m done, baby. I need to keep my wits.”

One Wild Night, a paranormal romance short story, coming Spring 2013!

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