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With guns like these, who needs the Second Amendment?

Terrorism. Corruption. Lawlessness.

Criminals are literally getting away with murder while career congressmen sit in their ivory towers, wringing their hands, calling each other names, and pointing fingers.

The American people are fed up with the same old empty promises from politicians. It’s time to elect a president who will kick some ass.

Enter Jake Hammer, the sexy-as-hell senator and presidential hopeful from Massachusetts. His stance on combating terrorism is as hard as his abs. His commitment to pound purveyors of corruption into submission makes his constituents swoon. His vow to nail criminals leaves female citizens breathless.

With a landslide sweep of the Electoral College, Jake and his mysterious new bride Setta are heading to the White House, but neither the president nor the first lady are what they seem. When a dangerous enemy from his past returns, their marriage may not be the only thing under fire. The country he worked so hard to save could go up in smoke.

Now, more than ever, the United States needs a hero.

Alpha Prez to the rescue.

* This action/adventure story contains adult language, a sizzling side of hot sex, and lots of law breaking. It is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

** No politicians, political parties, or feelings (I hope!) were harmed during the making of this novel. This story was written in good fun and is not intended to push any political agenda.

*** Laugh! It’s better than crying. 🙂



Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Alpha-First-Ladys-Secret-Weapon-ebook/dp/B01M4K2L1G/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alpha-First-Ladys-Secret-Weapon-ebook/dp/B01M4K2L1G/

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/Alpha-First-Ladys-Secret-Weapon-ebook/dp/B01M4K2L1G/

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/Alpha-First-Ladys-Secret-Weapon-ebook/dp/B01M4K2L1G/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/alpha-prez-first-ladys-secret/id1164494259

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/alpha-prez-and-the-first-ladys-secret-weapon-kendall-grey/1124844322?ean=2940156701155

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/alpha-prez-and-the-first-lady-s-secret-weapon

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=JII-DQAAQBAJ

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32603277-alpha-prez-and-the-first-lady-s-secret-weapon


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Short Story – Behind Closed Doors (NSFW)

tell me forever rebrandHappy Halloween! I’ve got a treat for you: a NEW bonus story inspired by a scene from Tell Me You Want Forever. Jane eavesdrops on a conversation between Jack and Sara in their bedroom. This is what she missed Behind Closed Doors.

Jack kicked the bedroom door shut behind him and jerked his t-shirt over his head. Jane’s shrill voice carried down the hall. Sara’s usual calm tone rose in pitch and volume. He probably should’ve gone out to help, but Sara had a gift for settling people down when they got irrational. She’d gotten plenty of practice wrestling with his ghosts.

The arguing ceased, and he sat on the bed and nudged his shoes off, flinging one halfway across the room. God, how he would’ve loved to kick Austin’s ass at the bar. He’d barely refrained from punching him, especially when Austin dared him to do it. The tension still quivered through his limbs, clamoring for release.

Sara had learned to help him vent his rage. They’d practiced a number of tricks since they’d been together: counting, breathing, and her favorite, talking him to death. None of that would work tonight. Only tightly controlled violence would relieve his seething fury. Fortunately, they’d learned how to redirect it, and they’d splurged on a bed with a padded headboard bolted to the wall. He dropped back on the creaky mattress and counted in time with his breathing until she walked in.

She stood at the foot of the bed, eyeing him as if trying to decide which approach to take. “Do you want to talk?”

Good. She’s being direct. “No.”

Sara rolled her eyes and jammed her fist on her hip.

“Don’t give me that.” He pushed off the bed and stalked the room, tripping over his discarded shoes. “Damn it.” He kicked one into the closet door. “I can handle this. I’ve had fights with Austin before.”

Sara crossed her arms and drummed her fingers, a sure sign her bullshit tolerance had reached its limit. “This one is different.”

“No, he’s the same idiot he’s always been.”

“And you?”

He stopped short and snarled at her.

She mashed her lips together, but her eyes sparkled.

“You’re laughing at me?”

A snort escaped her and she wiped her shiny eyes with the back of her hand. “Sorry, I know you’re hurting, but you’re so funny when you’re trying to be a badass.”

Jack sputtered, unable to decide if he should refute her mockery or her assumption first. “I’m not–! I am–! He didn’t hurt me. I’m pissed because he didn’t listen to me. Again.” He snatched his pillow off their bed and flung it against the wall. It bounced onto his dresser, scattering his stuff. “He told me to fuck off! Who says that to a friend? I’ve never told him to go to hell, no matter how stupid he was acting.” His jaw creaked as it tightened, and a muscle in his cheek twitched.

Sara handed him her pillow, and he crushed it in his hands, ignoring the meaning behind his actions. “What did Austin do?” Continue reading

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Short Story: Consuming Him

I originally released this on Halloween 2011, and unpublished it when I signed with a small press. I’m bringing it back from the dead because I want to. I’ve always had a taste for flesh. Time to feed the need. 😉

consuming-cover13Consuming Him

Blood. Hot, sticky, salty. Dripping down my cheek into my mouth. Was it mine or someone else’s?

Darkness. Shadows, silhouettes, very little light. Heavy curtains covered the windows. Where am I?

Cold. Icy, pale, shivering gooseflesh. Even the bed beneath me was cold. Whose bed am I in?

Silence. Not even a heartbeat. Am I dead?

No. I shook my head to be sure. My temple throbbed and more blood trickled across my face. It was mine. I lifted my lead-filled arm and my heavy fingers found a cloth to wipe my face. I tried to sit up, but a swirling wave knocked me back down. Breathe deep. Let’s try that again. I fought the dizziness and managed to stay upright. Looking around the room, I realized I did not know this place. The wrought iron four-post bed was not mine. The iron and glass dressing table was not mine. The covered mirror—definitely not mine.

I didn’t know where I was. Did I know who I was? Start with the basics. My name was…Lillian? Not anymore. Lily…yes Lily DeMyse. Relief. I knew that much. I was a…. I didn’t remember what my job was, but I remembered I worked nights. I looked at my clothes: black sandals, black mini-skirt and a buttoned-up silk shirt. Maybe I was a waitress or a bartender. No bra but that didn’t feel odd to me.

I was thirty-two years old but I felt older, single for now, and definitely not a virgin. Those things I just knew. I could figure out the rest later.

Creaking stairs. I was not alone. Was it the owner of this house? Was it an intruder? Was I the intruder? Slow heavy footsteps. Hair-raising fear. I was not safe.

I stumbled across the room into the closet and closed the door, watching, listening, waiting. The bedroom door opened and he walked in, surveying the room, looking for someone.


He’s looking for me.

He walked toward the bed, staying out of the sunlight slipping between the half-closed curtains. He touched the blood on the pillow; he tasted it, licking it off his fingers like it was a delicacy. Without warning he turned and looked straight at the closet door.

My breath caught in my throat, and I froze where I stood. I saw his dark shape through the louvered door. Could he see me? His face was hidden by shadows, but I knew what he looked like. Intense blue eyes glittered in the dark, drawn together in a scowl, his left eyebrow arched like a fiend as he stared through the door. He could kick it in with his strong legs; break it to pieces with his big hands. Was he the one who made me bleed?

His jaw tightened and his stubbled cheek twitched. I could hear him breathing—no—I could feel it. I felt his muscular chest rise and fall as if it was pressed hard against mine. I have felt it before.

I knew him. Who is he?

His nostrils flared and his hands curled into fists. He took a step toward the closet door. I took a step back. I had nowhere to run, no way to escape. My heart beat so hard I heard it pounding in my ears instead of my chest. I watched him watching me. I read his eyes. He was torn between coming after me or…. His eyes darkened and he ran his tongue over his teeth. My heart stopped.

And then he disappeared.

I waited forever, watching the setting sunlight move across the room. Early evening turned to darkest night. I left the closet and crept out into the hall. This was a very old house. It reeked with decades of living, dying, blood, passion, and fear. It was a good place once but something happened—a long time ago—something monstrous. How did I know that? The good was gone. Evil resided here.

He was close. I couldn’t see him, but I could sense him. Shadows moved at the end of the hall, shifting along the wall toward me. Curtains rippled, doors slammed. I ran down the stairs, stumbling in the dark. I tripped over something and tumbled down the stairs to the floor below. I rolled to my feet, surprised I was so agile, but I didn’t have time to ponder that. He grabbed me. I got away. Disappointed.


“Why are you doing this to me?” His voice in the dark. Anguished.

I had no answer for him. I had too many questions of my own but no time for answers. He was on me again. I spun away, bouncing through an open door. I turned and pushed it shut, slamming the lock home as he cursed me. The ancient door shuddered under his assault, nearing its breaking point and then—

Silence. He’s gone.

More questions. How did he find me in the dark? Could his penetrating eyes see things I couldn’t? Was there another way out of this room? Was there another way in? I knew what he would do when he caught me. Why did I want him to catch me? No answers…at least none that I liked.

I pressed my ear to the door and listened to the silence. He wasn’t out there. I went to the window and searched the dark. He wasn’t out there. I stood in front of the cold dead fireplace, staring into the black empty space that once burned bright and warm. Gooseflesh covered my arms. He’s behind me.

I stepped to one side as he brought the heavy fireplace poker down. The force of his swing threw his body into mine, and we crashed against the wall. We have done this before. I ripped the tool from his hand and swung it around, clipping the top of his head. His eyes closed and his body folded onto the floor. I stumbled backward, smashing my head against the mantle. I managed to get out of the room before blackness took over.

Blood. Sex. Sticky, hard, dark, angry, frightening. His body; my body. Naked and tangled coming over and over. Is it a dream? No. It was so intense and so real it could only be a memory.

I woke up on the floor in an unfamiliar room. A cold wind blew the curtains open, letting in the pale moonlight. I was in a dining room, a long formal table stretched out before me, but only one chair. How lonely was this house? I looked around for something that might tell me more, and I found an old painted portrait of a woman. It felt familiar but it was so worn and cracked by time she was unrecognizable. I looked closer and realized the damage was deliberate, the canvas slashed and ripped apart. Someone hated her.

I found another covered mirror, but when I pulled the sheet off, the mirror was shattered, glass falling from its frame. I sat down at the table, resting my head on its cool glass surface. Why glass? With an iron frame. The chair was iron too with blood red velvet padding. Broken mirrors, iron furniture, avoiding the sunlight, memories of blood and terror. All these things came together to form a picture—no—a story. A story told to frighten children. A story that terrified me.

I had no time to think about stories. He was still after me. That one thing I knew. I went to the corridor and let my eyes adjust to the dark. The door to the parlor where we fought was open, but I couldn’t remember closing it. He could still be in there. I could’ve killed him. I had to know. I stepped through the open door, and my breath caught in my throat.

The room is empty.

I didn’t know how to feel about that. Part of me wanted to keep him safe. Safe from what? Part of me wanted him dead. Part of me wanted him.

I had to get out of this house. I found my way back to the stairwell and followed it down, hoping the ground floor would reveal an exit. I heard a clanging, ringing sound like someone banging against a door—an iron door. I almost laughed. I followed the sound, but I didn’t find escape. I found him.

His head came up and his body went rigid. He kept his back to me, but he knew I was there. “I’ll spill your blood if I have to,” he said without looking at me.

“But you don’t want to.” I knew that as surely as I knew his name. “Jonathan.”

He turned and snarled at me, his eyes wild, his teeth sparkling in the dark. “I want to hurt you. I want to hear you screaming my name.” His voice was low, dangerous. He raised his hands and strode across the room.

But you can’t. That knowledge comforted me even as I turned and scrambled back up the stairs. I missed the top step and fell, rolling over as he landed on top of me. He pinned me down. This felt familiar. This felt good.

I fought back, bringing my knee up hard and fast into his groin. He groaned and rolled off me, but as I tried to get up he grabbed my ankles and pulled me down, dragging me toward him. I was strong, but he was stronger. He crawled on top of me, lying on my back, trapping my legs between his. His hands clamped around my neck. I held my breath as if that would do any good.

“Lily,” he growled and as he leaned over me, I felt his cock turn hard against my ass. I wasn’t surprised. I was wet.

His hands fisted in my hair, wrenching my head to one side, exposing my throat. His teeth closed on my neck.

The story took a turn I didn’t expect and didn’t want to believe. I knew what he was, but I fought that too. My elbow slammed into his ribs, and I heard them crack. He rose up, hissing in pain, and I hit him again. He fell to the floor and I ran. I ran down the dark hall, trying to outrun the terror inside me. I darted into a bedroom and slammed the door, locking it, bracing a chair against it. That wouldn’t stop a monster like him, but it might hold him back long enough for me to find a weapon. Iron furniture. Dammit! Not a single piece of wood to use against him.

He kicked through the door from the adjacent bedroom. I screamed and shoved the chair across the floor, tripping him. My fingers faltered on the lock, and he crushed me against the door.

“Why can’t I escape you?” His breath was hot in my ear. He pinned me to the door with his body, ripping buttons off my shirt. He groaned and pulled my hard nipples. His rough touch should’ve frightened me, but my body begged for more.

I stopped fighting him—I don’t know why. He pulled up my skirt, shoved my thong aside, and jammed his fingers deep inside my pussy. I let him do it. I let him stroke me and make me moan. I let his dangerous mouth close on my neck, holding me still. I let his fingers molest my clit until I was clinging to the edge, desperate to let go.

But he didn’t let me come.

His fist slammed against the door and he pushed away from me, cursing us both to hell and back.

I spun around and faced him, my body finally hot. If that’s what it took to warm me, I wanted more. My shirt fell open, exposing my bare breast. I didn’t cover up. I knew he couldn’t resist me. He would try, but he would fail.

I wanted something from him—I needed it—but I couldn’t remember what it was. Did he? “Jonathan.” I moved toward him. He stood his ground. “Give me what I need.”

His eyes flinched, he stepped back, and suddenly our roles reversed.

I was no longer afraid.

I wasn’t afraid of the dark. Darkness kept me safe. I wasn’t afraid of the cold. Cold was my companion for a very long time. I wasn’t afraid of him.

He was afraid of me.

Who am I that he would fear me?

He was the monster—the soulless undead vampire—and yet I was driven to him by desire that went way beyond attraction, way beyond lust. Need I didn’t understand overpowered my fear. “Please.” I don’t remember ever saying that to him before.

The smallest flicker of hope lit his eyes. How intriguing. “Give me what I want,” he pleaded.

I knew he wanted me, but there was something more, something I was unwilling or unable to give. “No.”

Pure rage burned across his face. His hand shot out so fast I couldn’t evade it. His fingers closed on my throat, and he swept my feet from under me. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it open as we fell. Barely healed scratches marked his chest. Did I do that to him?

His fingers tightened and blackness swirled around me. He ripped my panties open and fucked me with his hand. Light flashed behind my eyes and heat shot through me, starting at my clit and searing through my limbs. I struggled to breathe, and the harder I struggled, the harder I came.

I heard him laughing while I gasped for breath, and I allowed him that moment of triumph before I slammed my knees into his back, knocking him sideways. I straddled his stomach and ripped the rest of his shirt off. I found more scratches and bite marks in places that didn’t fit the story in my head, not with him as the villain.

He caught my wrist and pulled me down on his chest. “I know what you need,” he growled, “and I’ll make you fight me for it.”

“I’ll win.” I smiled at him, showing my teeth. “I always do.”

He grunted and pitched me to the floor. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet, dragging me to the dresser where he bent me over and slammed his body against my bare ass. I gasped and shoved back into him, catching his hand on his zipper. His fingers slid into my hot slick pussy. He forced my legs apart with his knees, and I rode his hand while he yanked his jeans down to his thighs. He shoved my face down on the dresser and rammed his hard naked cock into me, driving hard, pounding like he was punishing me. Oh but I liked his punishment. I craved it. I deserved it. Lightning shot down my spine. My fingers curled and I clutched at the blanket draped over the mirror, pulling it down. I looked into the cracked reflection and saw his body—bruised and battered—fucking hard. I didn’t see me.

I had no reflection.

I closed my eyes. My head swirled. I saw—I tasted—

Blood. Sticky, sweet, intoxicating. Not mine. His.

I remembered everything. This was my house. My safe iron furniture, my heavy sun-blocking curtains, my hidden shattered mirrors. I was the woman in the destroyed portrait. I am the evil in this house.

I looked in the mirror again and watched him. Jonathan—my human slave. I caught him trying to escape again and we fought. He hit me over the head with that damn fireplace poker and knocked me out, erasing my memory. I couldn’t let him go. I needed him. His blood kept me alive. His body kept me warm. His presence kept me from being alone.

And then I remembered my one fear.

I stood up so fast he fell back onto the floor. I dropped to my knees and impaled myself on his cock. He growled and grabbed my hips, trying to lift me off, but I was so much stronger than he ever was. Panic filled his eyes, and I remembered he liked to fuck me from behind so I couldn’t bite him, but I wasn’t going to give him that advantage tonight. He eluded me long enough. I fell forward onto his chest, pinning his wrists to the floor with my hands. I laughed in his ear, brushing my lips on his neck. His pulse throbbed under my tongue. I could feel his hot blood coursing through his veins. That’s what I needed. He smelled so good. I couldn’t wait to taste him again. He lay perfectly still, waiting.

“Mm Jonathan,” I laughed in his ear. “That was too easy.”

He snarled and shoved me off, surprising me with a surge of strength that took my breath away. He landed on top of me, forcing his cock inside me. He sat back on his knees while he fucked me, trying to keep a safe distance from me. I laughed. What was the point? I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in hard.

“Let me go, bitch,” he growled as I forced him in deeper. His lips said one thing, but his body said something else entirely.

“Is that what you really want, lover?”

“I am not your lover.”


His eyes burned hot and dark and he punished me again, pounding me so hard a human woman would’ve screamed in pain. But I am not human.

My back arched, and I raised my hips to demand more. He tried to pull out, but I held him between my thighs. “I know you want my cunt.”

His jaw clenched; he didn’t deny it, but he refused to admit he couldn’t get enough. But even more than that, Jonathan wanted his freedom. I wouldn’t give it to him. I couldn’t. His torment, his stubborn resistance was a drug I craved almost as much as I craved his blood.

“Make me come,” I commanded, my body screaming for release.

“No.” He shook his head, but he couldn’t stop fucking me.

My fingernails pierced his flesh as I sat up, driving his cock deeper in. His arms closed around me like a vice. One hand grabbed the back of my neck and jerked my head back as he thrust up into me, sharp and hard. My nails raked down his back, leaving fresh marks on his hot skin. His sweat covered my body, warming me from the outside while his cock warmed me from the inside.

His teeth nipped my shoulder and I laughed. I loved the way humans bite—so timid. He growled and his mouth swooped down to bite my nipple. I screamed and writhed in his arms. Ah…that was more like it. Pain mixed with pleasure. I couldn’t tell one from the other. Tongues of flame licked my cold flesh, tormenting me, teasing me with heat that wouldn’t last. I parted my thighs as far as they would go, devouring his cock.

“Now, Jonathan.”

His vicious thrust knocked me to the floor, and he fell with me. I grabbed his ass with both hands as the inferno consumed me. Heat ravaged my body, destroying the monster inside and resurrecting the woman I used to be. For one perfect moment I was warm, satisfied, and not alone.

The cold came back as soon as he left my body. The monster lived.

Jonathan stood and pulled up his pants as he darted toward the door. That bastard always tried to run while I was helpless. I managed to trip him, and he fell hard, stunned just long enough for me to crawl on top of him. “I’m not finished with you.”

“Neither am I.” His elbow slammed into my ribs and he rolled on his back, trying to throw me off, but I rose up and sat down hard on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. He grabbed my thighs and pushed, but he couldn’t move me. His strength was fading fast, but his eyes still burned angry.

Piercing pain knifed through my mouth as my fangs emerged. “You know what I need.”

“Don’t.” A flicker of fear haunted his eyes, but that was the only time I ever saw it.

I slid down his body and felt his still hard cock under his pants. He groaned as I forced him inside me. I liked to make him come while I drank from him. I knew it made his orgasm stronger and hotter, but he wouldn’t admit it.

I leaned over and touched my lips to his—softly, gently. He didn’t respond. He knew I was teasing him. My tongue slipped into his mouth and played with his. He sighed and held me close, kissing me almost as if he loved me—almost. I closed my eyes….

Sunlight. Warm, gentle, hearts pounding. Kissing like young lovers stealing an innocent moment alone. Together.

Where did that come from? I haven’t been young since the last time I saw sunlight and that was more years ago than I cared to count. The dark and the cold returned all too soon. I needed human blood to keep me alive. The monster in me demanded it. I needed Jonathan’s touch to keep me warm. The woman in me craved it.

My pussy tightened around him, and I stroked him with my body. I watched his eyes roll back in his head, and I waited while his cock swelled inside me. His breath quickened, his heart pounded. I pressed my fangs against the throbbing vein in his throat and still I waited.

He groaned—a deep guttural sound that nearly made me come. My fangs pierced his skin, and I drank from him. He groaned and twisted and exploded inside me, breathing hard. Jonathan’s blood flowed over my tongue, filling me like nothing else could. His blood healed the wounds he inflicted on me during our fight, restoring my strength. I needed human blood to live. That fact couldn’t be denied, but I needed—no—I required Jonathan’s blood, his passion to feel alive. Like an addict, I suffered physical pain when he deprived me, but when he surrendered, when he fed my all-consuming need, every eternal desire, every carnal craving I possessed was overwhelmed and yet I still. Wanted. More.

Life flowed from his body to mine, but I didn’t steal it all. His heartbeat slowed and I debated—as I always did—whether I should kill him now or let him live to entertain me a while longer. He laid still beneath me, eyes closed, breathing deep and slow. Color started to return to his face—his beautiful peaceful face. When I met Jonathan, his charming smile and chiseled body drew me to him, but our attraction went well beyond the physical. Dark desire lurked in his luminous eyes, a need for danger so strong it nearly eclipsed my craving for blood. He was searching for something no human could give him. Darkness terrified him—but he still wanted it. That’s why I chose him. At the time, I didn’t realize he was so passionate. That was a bonus.

My fangs withdrew, retreating to their hiding place while I watched him recover. Determination set his jaw and his still closed eyes drew together, his fury returning along with his strength. I smiled, leaned over and kissed his angry brow, brushing my lips on his eyes, his nose, his soft lips. I decided I would never kill him. I couldn’t, not when I could use him for my pleasure and my preservation.

“Don’t be nice to me,” he grumbled.

“Why not?” Good question. Why be gentle when I preferred our violent mating?

His eyes snapped open and he scowled at me. “It’s easier to hate you when we’re fighting.”

“Do you really hate me?” I don’t know why I asked him that. His feelings didn’t matter to me. Not much anyway. I liked the way he hated me.

“Yes.” But his troubled eyes said something else.

“I should just kill you know.” Killing was so tedious. It didn’t thrill me the way it used to, but fighting him did.

“If that’s what you want.”

He wasn’t giving in. He was daring me to do it. He wasn’t afraid to die. And that’s why I wouldn’t kill him. No other human ever fought me so hard or fucked me so well. “Not tonight. I’ll kill you tomorrow.”

“You can try,” he said softly, a hint of a smile on his lips. He knew I would. I think he enjoyed fighting as much as I did. Nothing excited me more than wrestling that man to the floor and consuming him, devouring his ferocious spirit and watching the fight drain from him only to be rejuvenated angrier than ever. If it took the rest of my immortal life, I would make him confess it excited him too.

His eyes lost their hard edge so I leaned over and kissed him, letting him taste his blood on my lips. Too late I felt him tense beneath me before he tossed me aside and ran. Fuck! Why did I always fall for that look?

“Jonathan!” I scrambled after him, catching him at the door. Our bodies tangled and we tumbled against the wall, breathing hard.

“Let me go,” he growled, struggling to get free.

“I can’t.” I could get the blood I needed to live anywhere, but for some perverse and twisted reason I didn’t try to understand, I didn’t want to live without him. “Don’t leave me alone, Jonathan.”

His eyes met mine and for a moment we understood each other. “Make me want to stay.”

If I still had a heart, it would’ve broken. Making him want my body was easy. Making him want me—just me—was impossible. My hands fell from his shoulders and he slipped away, disappearing into the darkness surrounding us.

He would come back.

And I would make him stay—forever—whether he wanted to or not. I smiled and touched my hidden fangs with the tip of my tongue. I was no longer afraid of being alone.

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Home Is Where the Heat Is #FREE!

For the first time ever, my MFM ménage romance is FREE! But only on Amazon and only for 2 days. This is a companion novel to The Twisted Mosaic series. A lot of readers wanted to know more about Claire, so here she is, along with two men who can’t get enough of her.


The Twisted Mosaic’s reader favorite, Claire, has some twisted fun of her own.

Dependable paralegal Claire O’Connor knows the man of her dreams is out there waiting for her, and she’s ready for him. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

Despite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known professional success. His personal life, however, is a failure. He doesn’t want a relationship, and while his ‘let it ride’ attitude keeps most women at a distance, Claire is eager to roll with him.

But when she finds out Kurt Langston, the office’s resident computer geek, harbors a secret crush for her, she wonders if he’s the safer bet. Kurt doesn’t get close to people, and his feelings for Claire make no sense in his carefully ordered life. His unexpected bond with JT pushes him to take chances he never imagined.

Go all-in or go home? Either way, the heat could be more than they can handle.

FREE today and tomorrow, 12/27-28/15. Get it while it’s hot.

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Two Trashy Favorites You may be Missing

Once you know my writing pattern, you’ll know how to look for upcoming releases. ;)

I’ve been attending RomCon as an author for the last two years, and my favorite event has been the book signings. I bring copies of all my books so people who’ve never read my work ask which one I’d recommend. Two years ago, I told them Tell Me You Want Me was my most popular book, but Secret Storm was my favorite. Most people chose both, but those who could only afford to buy one chose Secret Storm.

With the exception of The Twisted Mosaic, I don’t write series. I love writing men, so all of my books have at least two guys, and I inevitably end up falling in love with the hero’s best friend and give him his own book. That’s how Secret Storm came to be. My readers loved Austin and sent Tell Me tearing up the bestseller lists, but many of them don’t seem to know about Jack’s book. It’s my favorite because Jack appeals to me on so many levels. He’s got long hair (my favorite fetish), he’s a powerful running back, a devoted friend, a charming date, and a skilled lover. His scars, both physical and emotional, run deep. I want to take him home and make it all better. And I’m not the only one:

“Where are the “Jack”s in the world? This man was delicious, and needs to come home with me!” ~ Cate O’Brien

“Oh Jack! Damn he’s hot!” ~Heather Cox

If you loved Tell Me and haven’t read Secret Storm, find out what you’re missing.


Last year, I told readers about my new favorite, Home is Where the Heat Is. (Shh, don’t tell Jack.) That book came from a female character Twisted readers fell in love with. Claire, Alex’s assistant, needed a good man. I found not one hot guy for her, but two. Heat is my favorite book because JT and Kurt help Claire live out my most decadent fantasy: being spoiled and pampered in every way we could image. And I have a damn good imagination. Yes, I’ve got two guys again, and Alex and Will play significant roles in Claire’s adventure.

Since I’ve made the first book in the Twisted Mosaic free, the entire series is taking off, but many readers don’t know about Claire, JT, and Kurt’s threesome. That’s right. I said threesome. Maybe that scares some readers off, but the Twisted series is MFM and much darker than Heat, so if you can handle Alex, Talia, and Will’s demons, Claire’s over indulgence should be an appealing escape.

“If you like erotic, fun reads…pick up this book…like now!” ~Keshia R

“…for pure heart and fuel for the imagination this book is my favorite.” ~Gaele

It’s my favorite too. But wait, I still love Jack. Dammit, I can’t choose. And now you know why I love writing ménage. Take a chance on JT and Kurt in Home is Where the Heat Is because the book I’m writing now is all about the second M in Claire’s MFM.

homeheat3DtransparentOh, and in case you haven’t heard, my upcoming release is the sequel to Tell Me You Want Me. Tell Me You Want Forever brings more of Austin and Jane’s romance and introduces Finn Munro. Remember that name. You’ll be seeing him again.

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Excerpt & Giveaway! That Damn Wine – Warning: Adult Content

Welcome to the Cranberries and Spice Giveaway Hop! I’m bringing the spice with my upcoming erotic romance, Tell Me You Want Forever, releasing December 1. Austin’s bringing the wine. 😉 You’ll find giveaway details after the excerpt.

Excerpt: That Damn Wine

A shiver ran down the back of Jane’s neck. Evil danced in Austin’s eyes as he grinned down at her, waiting, lurking like a dark predator ready to pounce. Mmm… she’d give in to that even without the wine. She rolled onto her stomach, and he yanked her panties down and tucked them under the curve of her butt. “Oh God.”

“That’s right. You know what’s coming.” He got on his knees and trapped her thighs between his. “You know I’m gonna fuck you till you squeal.”

Her exposed nipples brushed the cool tile, heating her skin. She whimpered as he pinned her body to the floor with his and grabbed a handful of her hair. His cock invaded her helpless flesh, seeking and taking.

He leaned down and nipped her shoulder, squashing her under him. “Till you squirm.”

“Do it.” She wriggled and gasped for breath. The man was making a show of tormenting her, and he appeared to be in no hurry to end it.

He laughed. “This is your favorite way to get laid because you have no control.”

He’s got that right. How’d they end up here anyway? She’d only stopped by to get some clean clothes, and now she lay beneath his naked body, confined by her panties and his vice-grip thighs. That damn wine.

She rose up on her hands, but slipped on sweaty palms as he rocked, crushing her with demanding strokes. Her entire body buzzed while he thrust, building waves of pleasure on her, each one enhanced by the potent wine and tainted with confusion. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It’s a little late for that, sweetheart.” He slammed in deep, holding her thighs between his as he made his point.

Why not let him have his way? They still loved each other. She didn’t want anyone else. Are you sure?

“God no!” She cried out and pounded her fist on the floor. No! No one else. Especially not now with her whole life spinning like a blender. Not even Austin. “Stop!”

“Like hell.” He twisted his fist in her hair.

She knew he’d ignore her, but saying it let her cling to the one wisp of control slipping from her grasp. “Then finish.” But she didn’t want that either.

“No, baby. You’ll finish when I want you to.”

She’d expected that too. When had he gotten predictable?

Austin slid his hand along the floor and wedged it under her, groping her breast. Jane let out a squeal as he pinched her nipple and laughed. “No one else knows you so well.” He breathed ragged in her ear. “No one else can love you like I do.”

No one else? Had she said that out loud? “What?”

“You’re mine, Janie.” He growled and fell on her back.

She gasped and pressed her burning cheek to the floor. Does he know about Finn?

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Ebook copy of Tell Me You Want Me

Grand Prize: Ebooks copies of Tell Me You Want Me, Secret Storm, and Tell Me You Want Forever.

Contest ends 12/5/14. Good luck!

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Excerpt – Watched by a stranger (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverClaire gasped as the door burst open. JT jumped up and moved in front of her.

A man stood and stared, one hand on the doorknob and the other at his belt buckle. “Oops, sorry.” He grinned at JT. “Nice job, man.”

“Get out.” JT forced the words between his teeth.

The guy backed up and closed the door.

Claire’s heart hammered in her chest. Caught! That man had seen JT licking her… he’d seen her spread legs and everything in between. “Oh God.” The room spun and JT caught her as she teetered off the counter.

“Are you okay?” He pulled her close.

“I don’t know.” A stranger had seen her in a most vulnerable position. She should be shocked and appalled, humiliated or embarrassed. But a hint of pride and secret excitement fluttered in her lower abs. She retrieved her discarded panties, and JT helped her tug them over her boots. She pulled her skirt down then turned and splashed cool water on her face while he adjusted his pants. “Holy shit.” I’m swearing?

“Yeah.” He ran a hand through his tousled hair. “I forgot to lock the door. I’m so sorry.”

She shrugged. “I forgot too.”

He raised an eyebrow as he studied her face in the mirror.

She glanced down at the counter, trying to hide her eyes from his penetrating gaze.

“You are a bad, bad girl.”

“Shut up!” She spun and slapped his shoulder. “We need to go now.”

JT laughed and slid in front of her as he opened the door. “You’re still here?” he said.

The guy who’d interrupted them adjusted his pants and smiled at Claire. His deep brown eyes sparkled and the tip of his tongue slipped between his lips as he surveyed her body.

Cute. Why’d we throw him out?

JT clenched his fists and stepped forward.

The intruding stranger stood his ground. “Full pitcher of beer creating an urgent need.”

JT rolled his eyes. “Jesus Christ.”

The guy ducked past them and shut the door. Claire laughed when she heard him turn the lock.

“I’m glad you’re laughing.” JT moved closer to her, pressing his lips against her ear to be heard over the pounding music. “This could’ve gotten really ugly.”

Claire stiffened. She glanced at the closed restroom door then brushed his hair back from his ear. “You think he could’ve turned us in?”

“Possibly. Or you could’ve freaked out.”

“I’m okay.” She closed her eyes and recalled the moment the stranger walked in. An intrigued grin had lit up his eyes and a swift bulge had filled out his pants. “He liked it.”

JT laughed in her hair as he ground the ridge in his jeans between her thighs. “Think he would’ve liked to watch?”

“Oh yes,” she sighed on his neck as his hard, warm body trapped her against the vibrating wall. Watched by a stranger. Just thinking the words shot a wild thrill from her nipples to her still-throbbing clit.

“Maybe,” JT flicked his tongue along her throat, “he would’ve liked to join us.”

Home is Where the Heat Is releases tomorrow!

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Quickie Excerpt – Yummy IT Guy

homeheat coverKurt clenched his fist to still his shaking limbs. He nodded then gazed at the woman beside him. Her flushed cheeks and breathless words highlighted her excitement, but her eyes held a whisper of fear.

“Do you really want to do this?” he asked.

“Yes.” She wiggled closer to him.

“I know you want him.” Kurt nodded toward JT as he tipped the waiter and closed the door behind him. “And I understand your craving for two guys, but are sure you want me?”

“Why not you?”

“In all the time we’ve known each other, you’ve never once shown any interest in me.”

The pink in her cheeks turned red as she stroked the back of his hand. “I’m sorry. I’ve always thought of you as the yummy IT guy. I should’ve let you know, but I didn’t know how.”

Yummy IT guy? Hell yeah, I would’ve loved to know that. Kurt laced his fingers with hers.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and presented soft, red lips. His heart stopped and he stared at her perfect face: thick eyelashes fringed on her cheeks, faint freckles dotting her nose, and a mouth made for kissing.

“You’re beautiful.”

One eye opened and glared at him. “You’re clueless.” She slid her arm around his neck and pulled him down until his lips touched hers.

The room spun and reality disappeared, leaving only his longed-for fantasy in his arms, kissing him, slipping her warm tongue into his mouth. He held her tight and savored that kiss, hoping it might be the first of many.

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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Excerpt – Make me come (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverStiletto heels clicked on the floor as she got up, trembling a bit as she took the position he’d indicated. “Would you rather have me stand over there?” She nodded toward the revealing patio doors. Light from his neighbor’s house penetrated the backyard—someone could be watching even at this hour.

“No. This time you’ll strip just for me.” He raised the glass to his lips then changed his mind at the last second. “Take your pants off.”

Shivers coursed down her spine. Just for him—a private audience. She unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper, peeling them down her hips to her knees. The shoes had to go, so she stepped out of them and kicked her pants across the room. Goose bumps covered her legs.


Standing in the big open kitchen, exposed to him, but shielded from the world outside, rattled her. The idea of having a larger audience frightened her less than the prospect of taking her clothes off for his intense gaze alone. She shook her head.

“Good.” He swirled the untouched scotch again. “Lose the panties.”

With a tug and a wiggle, she dropped the cherry red satin to the floor, leaving her naked from the waist down. She’d expected to remove her sweater next, but the bastard exposed her most vulnerable flesh first.

He groaned and emptied half the glass in one swallow.

Thank God.

Then he picked up the bottle and refilled his drink past the point it had been before.

Claire sputtered. Half-naked, showing off the good parts and he reached for the bottle? “Are you fucking kidding me?” What does it take to light a fire under his ass?

JT grinned. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

As she prepared to unleash another curse, she realized he’d played her, and she’d tipped her hand. She smiled and slid her bare feet across the floor, parting her thighs and exposing her ace in the hole.

But instead of folding, he stared at the counter, oddly transfixed by the inanimate object. His calculating gaze slid up and down her legs, then back to the countertop. He’s measuring. Hot dew collected between her legs as she imagined him bending her over the solid quartz.

“Put the heels back on.”

She nearly fell on her bare ass as she tripped into her shoes.

“Now go to my bedroom.”

What? “But I thought—?”

“Don’t argue.” He picked up the glass and pointed with it toward the hallway. “Upstairs, last door on the right.”

No kitchen sex. Damn it. She could’ve maneuvered him in front of the window, but maybe his bedroom provided a better view. She turned and took two trembling steps.

Suddenly, glass clacked on polished stone and wood scraped tile as JT got to his feet.

He grabbed her arm and jerked her back, jamming his straining hard-on against her naked ass. His zipper screeched open as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slammed her body against the unforgiving island.

She gasped and slapped her palms on the stone slab, thrusting back against him as his cock invaded her from behind. What the hell happened?

Claire groped for anything she could hold onto for leverage, and sent the now empty glass skittering across the counter. Her scalp burned as he yanked her upright. “Holy fuck! Make me come!”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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Excerpt – Hammer in my toolbox (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverJT kept up the excruciating pace, driving Claire to a clawing frenzy and hitching a ride along with her. Anything I want. He wanted to make her squeal, make her cling to him, sweating and swearing. He wanted to give her the attention she craved, and he wanted love like no one else ever had.

But he couldn’t tell her all of that, not now, not in this heated moment with his brain half-fried and his body teetering on the edge of oblivion. And not when he still had so much to lose. So he’d show her as much as he could.

“I want it slow.” He pulled out a sliver at a time.

“Mmm….” She arched into him.

“I want it hard.” He shoved his hips into hers.

She gasped and shuddered. “Don’t stop.”

“And I want it rough.” He slammed their bodies on the stairs, wincing at the bruising pain. “You’re gonna feel that in the mornin’.”

“Ow yes!” She dug her fingernails into his ass and pounded back.

His entire body ached, with the most intense need rooted in his cock. Tongues of flame licked his skin, whipping up an inferno. Ah, but he couldn’t finish yet. He’d tested her patience and pushed his to the limit. And she’d said all night. If nothing else, he wanted to give her that. Now. Tonight.

He flicked his tongue in her ear. “Come for me.” Maybe if he got her off hard enough, she wouldn’t notice he hadn’t come. Her pussy throbbed and tightened around him. Oh shit, I’m gonna lose it. He slipped one hand under her ass, digging in to the hot mound while he twisted his fingers in her hair and nibbled the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Oh. Oh!” Her body trembled and he drove in deep, counting each nail in the staircase under them, remembering pounding them in one at a time.

Pounding. Not helping.

But she came fast, gashing his shoulders with her fingernails as she squealed. Sweat dripped from her skin as she clamped her legs around his. “Fuck me with a hammer,” she groaned.

Hearing his favorite curse on her lips made him laugh, and he won the battle with his cock. “There’s a hammer in my tool box.”

“I like the one between your legs.”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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