The Problem with Fifty Shades and other Sex Movies – NSFW

I wrote this when the first Shade movie came out, but it still applies today.

Simply put: not enough full-frontal male nudity. (Hey, I’m Trashy. What did you expect?) When I asked my friend Paula if there was a lot of naked in the movie, her answer indicated the R rating was mostly one-sided. “Gah….so frustrating! Saw a flash of his penis in one scene, but a lot of his backside. Every nude scene of her was a totally naked scene, even showing her pubic hair.”

Update: Does Fifty Shades Darker go where few movie men have gone before?

How disappointing is that? Nudity in movies and TV should be equal opportunity for all. Women have been stripping for the camera for years. Why can’t men do the same? It’s unfair to female movie goers that we don’t get to see as many balls onscreen as men get to see boobs.

wheres-the-beefThat’s what I’d like to know.

What good are R ratings with warnings about graphic nudity and strong sexual content if only half the audience is satisfied? And don’t even get me started with misleading titles like The Full Monty. Magic Mike? Plenty of bare ass but no joystick. We can only hope Magic Mike XXL will have the balls to blaze new ground for male naked.


Maybe if we boycott sex movies like this writer Hollywood will pay attention and give male nudity fair representation. In the meantime, enjoy this man butt gallery.

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Chris Hemsworth, Rush

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

The Full Monty

The Full Monty

Disclaimer: this post was written in the tongue-in-cheek font. If you know of any movies with full-frontal male nudity, post the title in the comments. I need to do more research. 😉

Special thanks to the ladies of Trashy’s Happy Place for helping me with this post.

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  1. American Gigolo. I told my parents I was seeing Kramer vs. Kramer so I could instead view Richard Gere’s penis. Unfortunately, he’s standing a bit away from the camera, but still, it counts.

  2. I totally agree with your post…equal nude-atunity (it should be a word) for both sexes! I was very disappointed after watching Magic Mike….I sure the heck didn’t watch it for the plot! I wanted full frontal for these hot male actors! I think men are too competitive in “size” that if they ever did show all, they would want it stated somewhere in their contract that “no other male actor may have a bigger penis than mine”! I am waiting for the 50 Shades movie to go to DVDS and can only hope they include a director’s edition that might actually show more nudity for the female viewers.

  3. Boogie Nights. I agree but I don’t see equality happening any time soon in this field.

  4. You’re right. There’s always a lot of female nakedness without any problems but you hardly ever see full frontal male nakedness in movies.

  5. Thank you! While I was watching 50 Shades, I kept thinking “isn’t this supposed to be for women?” So why in every other scene are we having Ana’s tits shoved in our face. How about a little schlong? You do get to see the base of the penis but it was only like half a second. If you blink, you’ll miss it.

  6. I find this conversation interesting. Women on social media constantly complain about guys sending them “dick pics”, but guys love it when a woman shows some skin – any skin. And most guys would be quick to pull it out if they thought it would receive a welcome response.

    As a guy I get the feeling most women find male anatomy less-than-beautiful and would prefer a butt shot, or a suggestive semi-nude, to seeing the whole package. Hollywood picks up on that and rarely shows male genitalia, because the majority of their audience doesn’t want to see it. They show more female skin because, let’s face it, men and women prefer to look at the female body.

    They say sex sells, but if you notice it’s female nudity that sells both to men and to women. Book covers, perfume ads, even Victoria Secrets feature female bodies and are targeted mainly at women. I have to admit the female body in all it’s forms and sizes is the most beautiful thing in the universe, but apparently women feel the same way and marketers know that.

    Men aren’t afraid to whip it out. We just don’t think you really want to see it.

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