#TrashyBookWeek 2015!

I found a post on Tumblr this morning that really pissed me off. A group of people, I don’t know who, probably some religious nuts, built a small house out of romance novels and set it on fire, saying that they were burning trash. Grrr. I’m not going to link to that post because I don’t want to give these idiots more attention than they deserve. They called their creation the Love Shack and then they destroyed it. That’s a sad commentary on our society that I can’t put into words right now. Maybe I’ll deal with it later.

When I was in high school, my youth group burned a bunch of rock albums. I’m sure they would’ve burned romance novels if they’d thought of it. I grew up with this narrow-minded, judgmental bullshit, and fighting back against it is one of the reasons I write trash now. (I can call it trash because I do it for fun.)

So in honor of my new release and in defiance of those who burn romance novels, I am declaring May 24 – 30th Trashy Book Week! Let’s celebrate romance novels in all their smutty goodness. Join me on Facebook where I’ll be asking my friends and followers to share their favorite trashy romance novels and sexy covers. I’ll also be posting positive articles about romance novels throughout the week, and on Saturday, I’ll reveal the cover for my upcoming trashy romance, Destined for Genius. Use the hashtag #TrashyBookWeek whenever you share something.

Let’s have some trashy fun!

Here’s my favorite old-school, bodice-ripper trash. Royce is so damn hot. The spine is bent to open to all the ‘good parts’. Hehehe.

2015-05-24 07.07.20

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  1. You know this is something I’m thrilled to support. 😀

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