Wildfire Hurricane, the first book in my hot new series, The Ryder Boys Novels, will be released by Limitless Publishing on July 5! Fireworks galore!

Wildfire teaser

Dash Ryder left his past behind the moment he discovered the love of his life slept with his brother, Malcolm. But even after thirteen years apart, he can’t get over her. The pain of her betrayal turned his heart into a corpse, and he hasn’t loved anyone since.

Simone Leveque never cheated on Dash. She knows Mal lied, but Dash wouldn’t believe her. Now that their careers have brought them back together, he still won’t. She can’t forgive him for leaving without listening to her side.

When an out of control wildfire and an unprecedented hurricane threaten the city, they’re forced to work together to survive while somehow keeping their hands off each other. The love they shared burned hot, and they both suffered from the fallout. Reckless passion isn’t enough to keep them together again. Do they want to return to the volatile romance of their youth? Or can they have something better?

Coming July 5, 2016! Cover and more goodies coming soon.

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